What’s Behind The Name…

Being a chocolate manufacturer in Canada for over 45 years, Lamontagne Chocolate has built a stellar reputation with its own brand. From generation to generation consumers of all ages have whether sold or bought Lamontagne products through fundraising campaigns throughout Canada.

Recently launched into the retail market in Canada and in the United States, Lamontagne brand benefits from all those years in contact with consumers and their families.

All of our products are entirely made in Canada, with exclusive recipes using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality. We have acquired an excellent reputation for quality and now want to share it with you!

Our Brands

These are the products you will find all over the place in the retail market and online. These are the innovative products that win awards year after year.

All the products are Clean Label, it’s our premium line.

For our customers, it’s a name they know they can trust. For business partners who want to use the strength of a successful brand without the hassle of spending money and energy to develop their own brand, it’s an opportunity.


Our new and innovative products were unanimously favoured by judges who preferred them among other major national brands..

And we have earned some Innovation Awards to prove it:

Innovation & Creativity

Our innovation is focused on taste, blending flavors and creating unique chocolates. Thanks to our in-house laboratory and graphics department, we are always in innovation mode. This way, we can ensure that creativity is at the forefront every day.