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Chocolat Lamontagne’s plant has grown

The beginning of the construction holidays coincided with the end of the work at Chocolat Lamontagne. The expansion announced last April has now been completed, with the Sherbrooke plant now occupying 115,000 square feet.

It should be remembered that an investment of some $ 1.5M was required to carry out this work, which now allows Chocolat Lamontagne to repatriate all of its storage in one place. The production capacity and safety of employees moving within the plant have, at the same time, been increased.

“We are very proud of the result, we even find that coloured racks are particular aesthetic, even beautiful!” commented Danny Lamontagne, Vice-President of Operations. “Obviously, our pride comes mainly from the fact that this expansion and storage structures allow us to reclaim our own space and increase our efficiency as a company but also for our employees. We save a lot of time and money by eliminating transportation and off-site storage, and inventory management is really simplified.”

“We are very pleased with the realization of this project, it is concrete and shows well what is the momentum of the company, it illustrates our growth,” said Martin Cournoyer, CEO of Chocolat Lamontagne.

The results in pictures (click to enlarge):


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