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Major Projects for Chocolat Lamontagne

The shareholders had promised it: Chocolat Lamontagne continues to grow… A new major project for the Lamontagne family is taking shape and it is an important expansion!

Over the years, to meet the growing demand while remaining on the cutting edge of technology, the plant has acquired devices to make and package its chocolates more easily and quickly. But these machines are rather bulky and space is running out!

It will cost about $1.5 million to upgrade the plant from 95,000 to 115,000 square feet. Of course, the investment will increase production and storage capacity. See the layout. 

“We recently installed a bagger and a cartoner, which alone occupy a lot of space,” said Mr. Danny Lamontagne, Vice President of Operations. “We had to store products externally, which involved transportation, additional inventory management and, of course, costs. With this expansion, we will reclaim our own space and increase our efficiency and effectiveness.”

“We are very excited and very proud of this project that will allow the growth of the business and, at the same time, improve the efficiency and the work environment for our employees,” said Mr. Martin Cournoyer, General Manager at Chocolat Lamontagne. “It is important to us that the living environment we offer our staff is enjoyable for everyone.”

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